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Quality Policy

Aksan Kalıp San. ve Ticaret A.Ş. For the electrical and electronics industry, Electromechanical and mechanical parts manufacturing company.

Our aim, To achieve 100% customer satisfaction and zero error by providing legal requirements and customer specific requests. Zero defect means, zero customer complaints, faultless product and delivery . Zero error approach, applies to every product and process. Competitiveness that can be achieved at the right cost with zero error is vital to guarantee the future of the company.

To achieve our goal; advanced quality planning, apply of this in production and prevention strategies are adopted instead of catching the error.

Our policy is continuous improvement.

All staff to know the rules specified in the Aksan Quality Manual and must apply. Each staff member should be aware of the quality and competitiveness of his work. The management representative is obliged to undertake all kinds of activities in order to ensure that the objectives set are understood and achieved.